The Films and Their Opportunities for Your Understanding

Let us turn to you, so full of goodwill, a word, we would almost say, confidential and paternal. Would it not be expedient for the honest evaluation and rejection of what is unworthy or bad was already at the beginning and especially in your hands? We cannot, therefore, move the reproach of incompetence or prevention, if you, with maturity of judgment, trained in wise moral principles, and with seriousness of purpose, try again what damages human dignity, for the good of individuals and of society, and especially to youth. As you will watch shows online you will find these options available now.

No sensible spirit could ignore or mock your conscientious and pondered verdict on matters concerning your own profession. Therefore, make extensive use of that pre-eminence and authority, which your knowledge, your experience, the dignity of your work gives you. Put, in place of irrelevant or perverted shows, good, noble, beautiful visions, which, without a doubt, can be exciting without being murky, or rather touch the top of the art. You will have with you the consent and applause of those who have good intellect and right will, and above all that of your personal conscience.

The Ideal Film

We have so far assigned a part of this exhibition to the film which is, in fact, to the present; now we would like, in a second part, to say our thoughts on the film, which one would like it to be, and that is to talk to you about the ideal film.

First of all, a premise: can we talk about an ideal film? The use calls ideal what nothing lacks of what is proper to it, which indeed possesses it in a perfect degree. In this sense, is a simply ideal film? From some it is usually denied the possibility of the existence of an absolute ideal; in other words, the relativity of an ideal is affirmed, it is asserted that the ideal always indicates something only for someone or for something determined. The divergence of opinion is largely caused by the different criterion used to distinguish the essential elements from the accessories. In fact, despite the affirmed relativity, the ideal never lacks an absolute nucleus, which is carried out in any case, even in the multiplicity and variety of the secondary elements,

Having said this, we feel we need to consider the ideal film in three ways:

  • in relation to the subject, that is to say to the viewers to whom the film is intended;
  • in relation to the object, i.e. the content of the film itself;
  • In relation to the community, on which, as we already said, the film has a particular influence.

Since we wish to dwell on this important topic somewhat, we will restrict ourselves to discussing the first aspect today, reserving the second and third to another Hearing, if the opportunity is given to us. So open 123movies and explore the best options for the same now.